Top 10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes: A Premium Guide

Ask a hip hop dancer, and he will tell you how invaluable a pair of sneakers is to making the right moves, offering quality display and amazing your viewers. High-quality sneakers and athletic shoes can make the difference between gold medals and three weeks of blisters. Surely, you will not want the time and effort you spent on the practice ground, preparing for your big performance day to be ruined by your shoes’ inability to sustain the high intensity of your dance routine. Every good Salsa dancer also knows that putting on the right type of shoes is the key to achieving balance when swaying to the rhythm of the music with a partner.

What is Salsa dance anyway? Simply, a very energetic, sexy, and fun partner dance originating in the 1900s in Eastern Cuba, where musical elements and rhythms from various styles were combined. Cuban son and Afro-Cuban rumba, the two main styles, used diverse musical instruments to create the basis of a rhythm that would later become known as salsa. The best thing about this dance form is that it is a very friendly dance where you need not have a regular partner.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is little doubt that salsa dance can be a lot of fun. It can, however, get tricky or downright dangerous without the appropriate footwear. This Megan Jones, Latin American dance styles, can be particularly tough on your muscles and ligaments, resulting in frequent sprains and strains caused by overstretching or twisting. Luckily, wearing the right shoes while you strike your dance moves can make the activity a lot more enjoyable, not to mention the prevention of rolled ankles.

There is a drastic difference between Salsa shoes and other conventional footwear. Best Salsa dance shoes are made to give your feet support and protect them from any foot injury. Salsa dance shoes also help in performing various dance steps. In selecting the best Salsa dance, choose a lightweight shoe that allows for incredible movements, fits well, is very durable, and has appropriate heel height. Below are a few of the most amazing salsa dance shoes in the market.

Comparison of Top 10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Rank #1 Image Name TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #2 Image Name Akanu Women’s latin Dance Shoes Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #3 Image Name Bloch Dance Womens Jason Smith Professional Leather Tap Shoe Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #4 Image Name Capazio Women’s Footlight Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #5 Image Name Daydance Tan Latin Dance Shoes Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #6 Image Name Bloch Dance Women Super Jazz Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #7 Image Name Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on For Women and Men’s Dance Shoes Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #8 Image Name STELLE 2″ Character Dance Shoes for Women Big Kid Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #9 Image Name YYTing women ballroom dance Shoes Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #10 Image Name Women’s Latin Dance Female’s Ballroom salsa shoes Price Click For Pricetable

Reviews of the Best Insoles For Shoes

1. TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes

Rhinestones have these shoes right on a higher level. It comes with an amazing suede sole and Crystal AB Rhinestones that make it stand out. This ultra-Soft Suede Outsole gives you maximum flexibility. It is great for spinning on wooden floors, and it also features an exclusive soft satin that provides a particularly gentle and supple fit. These peculiar satin material and suede outsole feature give it that alluring look you desire.

The TTDANCEWEAR Bachata Dance Shoe has an extra padded footbed to increase comfortability and provide appropriate cushioning. Its moisture-absorbent cotton lining and shock-Absorbing sponge insole offer you added comfort by respectively controlling the moisture intake and shock absorption abilities. This ensures that the ground reaction does not impact badly on your feet as you make your Salsa dance moves. This shoe comes in different sizes (1.5inch, 2.5inch, 3inch) and offer amazing support. The Tdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata shoe is extremely lightweight and stable. They are not only suitable for Salsa dance but also for ballroom, Latin, bachata, mambo, tango, swing dance, or any social practice dance.

The shoe’s quick-release buckles make it easy to buckle your dance Shoes. These quick ballroom release buckles allow for the fitting and comfort that you need as a dancer. They are sized to USA street shoe sizing, and when buying, you should go for a size that fits snugly. This is because usually, it may stretch up to one or half size wider after some time.

In addition to these features, the TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa shoe comes with a heel of about 2.5 to 3.0 inches, which presents you with options when considering the height you may want in the dance arena. The best part is that the TTdancewear Rhinestones Salsa Bachata Performance Dance Shoes can also suit amateurs’ flexible legs, just like it fits professionals who wish to have a great experience with Salsa dance.

With over seven dazzling colors and glittering stones embedded, no dress would be too fabulous not to desire these shoes.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might not be comfy for people with narrow feet.
  • It might not be desirable for lovers of covered shoes.

2. Akanu Women’s latin Dance Shoes

It is true that not all that glitters is gold. But the Akanu Dance shoes are part of the few that glitter and are gold! This shoe has a glittering appearance, as well as the ability to fit in for various purposes. And these make it a dancer’s delight.

The Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoe has a 2.3 inch flared heel, and an adjustable ankle strap on its upper. This adjustable strap gives you that feeling of being in charge of your movements. It offers an amazing flexibility which confirms to any movement pattern you want to attain. And its well-cushioned insole makes this maneuvering so effortless.

The interwoven straps for the forefoot also ensures fantastic support during those fast dance maneuvers, while the buckle on the side allows for proper girding and flexibility. This forefoot strap also ensures that your feet are not pressed. So, no discomfort with Akanu Latin shoes.

Apart from offering you an incredible performance, this shoe might just help you in wowing your audience with the sparkling shine that is iridescent and would surely hold the audiences’ gaze while you are on the dance floor.

The fact that the Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoes come in various colors like red, blue, silver, and black, enables it to complement several of your dresses, thereby offering you more options.

While the Akanu Latin Dance Shoe is one of the best Salsa dance shoes, it is also very appealing in Viennese waltz, or Tango. So whatever dance step you choose, the Akanu Women’s Latin Dance Shoe is a favorite choice for the ballroom as you aim to dazzle your audience.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might not be suitable for people who love cover shoes.

3. Bloch Dance Womens Jason Smith Professional Leather Tap Shoe

Bloch is one of the most trusted in the industry. Since it’s inception, this renowned footwear brand has been producing handmade shoes for esteemed ballet dancers worldwide. Bloch recently entered an exciting new period of innovation and fashion design with the creation of Salsa dance shoes, following the demands by current customers to create such amazing products. And for one thing, I can assure you; they have not disappointed their Salsa shoes’ customers.

This shoe is 100% Leather, making it very durable. So you don’t have to worry about buying new shoes after each dance session. Also, adding to this durability is its triple stacked heel and double stacked hard leather outsole. The construction is of metal bonding procedures, which ensures that the screws that hold the taps in place will not loosen without your modification. It comes in an Oxford-style, and available in luxury soft grain leather.

This shoe is 100% Leather, making it very durable. So you don’t have to worry about buying new shoes after each dance session. Also, adding to this durability is its triple stacked heel and double stacked hard leather outsole. The construction is of metal bonding procedures, which ensures that the screws that hold the taps in place will not loosen without your modification. It comes in an Oxford-style, and available in luxury soft grain leather.

The engineering is such that it achieves maximum tap plate contact with a flat surface. Also, it’s Canvas and Kashmir lining provide optimal comfort during a Salsa dance session. This shoe achieves exquisite depth and pitch of sound with its optimum quality steel resonance plate between its tap and leather outsole.

In ordering this footwear, I recommend you start with one full size up from street shoe.

Did you know?

This shoe’s construction process is exclusively in partnership with international tap sensation and choreographer Jason Samuels Smith. They are designed, tested, and approved by this star himself. This opulent tap shoe allows dancers to experience supreme quality, comfort, and surreal sound, with a triple stacked heel and full build-up. Toe-tap to the beat in style with the beautifully glossy, patent soft leather finish makes you feel fly on stage.

The Bloch dance shoe has special metal bonding procedures to ensure that the screws which hold the taps in place will not loosen without modification by the dancer. It has a shorter break-in time than a conventional built-up tap shoe, with counter free toe box, so the upper conforms to the foot for extra comfort and fit. If you need the best shoe for Salsa dance, I bet you might want to consider this shoe.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s sizing is not accurate.
  • It has a lot of counterfeit.

4. Capazio Women’s Footlight

Step on the dance floor with confidence, elegance, and in good spirit, wearing the famous capazio women footlight. Capazio is a big brand trusted for making all the features imperative to a great dance available for their shoes. Join the league of top entertainers and benefit from the soft Nappa PU leather upper of the shoe. This upper build does multiple jobs of giving the necessary firmness a feet needs during a dance and also a stylish finish that matches any event or outfit. It comes in black and nude colors. These colors are universal and conform with just about any dress.

Capazio didn’t achieve elegance at the expense of quality. The outsole of this shoe is of great scored leather. It’s durable and, most importantly, flexible for good feet movement when doing the famous salsa dance. Of the many shoes commonly referred to as the best shoes for salsa, the Capazio women’s footlight is undoubtedly one. The slightly elevated midsole is well met with the 2-inch heel that ensures the feet is well-positioned from the front to the heel.

With the famous T-strap still in use, the upper part of the feet is held firmly together with the ankle. The buckle on the T-strap is adjustable to reduce or increase firmness. The over a century experience of the Capazio brand birth the design of a Tele-Tone compatible heel sole. This means that a Tele-Tone or duotone can be attached should the need arise.

Dancing for long could lead to sweaty feet. Sweaty feet can be irritating and also result in unstable movement. To prevent this, the inner of the shoe is overlayed with an advanced absorbing microfiber system to provide all-day dryness and comfort.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Its upper layer may break over time.

5. Daydance Tan Latin Dance Shoes

While dancing salsa to the rhythm of a sound, the best thing a dancer can ask for is a good fit shoe with an excellent outsole. Daydance is a brand renowned for manufacturing top quality dance shoes in recent years. This shoe is a unique combination of satin upper material and soft suede sole. The straps are aesthetically pleasing, but beyond that is the firm support they give the forefeet to avoid imbalance. Straps are also present at the ankle to firmly hold the feet place, keep the heels steady, and prevent the shoe from coming off during a dance session.

The shoe comes in a variety of colors to match any dress, and sizes are available for different ages and shapes of feet-be it narrow or wide. Dancing salsa requires steadiness and quick feet movement, which is only achievable wearing an anti-skid and shock absorbing shoe. Similar to many shoes considered as excellent options for salsa dance, this shoe prevent skidding and absorbs shock as the feet move energetically when dancing.

Nothing beats an easy to wear and remove shoe-It gives no stress to the user. Additionally, the buckle fixed to the straps around the ankle makes adjustments quite straight forward. This means that the dancer can adjust the tightness or make it a bit loose depending on preference. Feet support is essential for every shoe, regardless of the purpose. However, it’s more important in dancing shoes. To this end, Daydance ensured that the midsole of the shoe is made of high elastic latex, which gives support to feet coupled with the arch support that provides an excellent positioning to prevent feet ache.

Now here’s the stunner! The insole is designed to absorb moisture. Dancing for a prolonged period may cause the feet to sweat, and this may cause irritation or a slippery feel that messes with proper positioning. The moist absorption material helps to maintain an all-day dryness that many dancers yearn for.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s buckle is of average quality.
  • It’s heel is low.

6. Bloch Dance Women Super Jazz

The unique look tells you the Bloch dance shoe isn’t a regular dance shoe. It’s the shoe for professional dancers who no doubt aim for a flawless performance. This shoe is well packed with features that gives all the necessary support to carry out exact movements. One such feature is the full cover that the upper layer gives the feet. The feet is fully covered with no possibility of coming off during a dance. The question is, if it’s fully covered, will the feet not become sweaty while dancing? To prevent sweat, the upper layer though being of pure leather is well lined for excellent breathability. Additionally, the lining further protects the heels from rubbing or encountering any discomfort due to swift movements.

The next feature is the sole. The outsole is mainly made of the popular and well trusted EVA material. It’s a blend of durability and flexibility that makes balance together with firm grip possible while dancing. Then, the traction of the split sole is the next fascinating feature of this shoe. It allows the feet to move quickly off the dance floor without any hindrance.

Size is an issue when buying shoes online. While there may be suggestions insinuating that buying sizes an inch bigger is a good step, it doesn’t apply to this shoes. The manufacturer Bloch super jazz shoe worked on the sizing such that the sizes are accurate as possible. It’s is therefore not advisable to purchase more than half an inch size increase.

Heel height is considered to be a contributing factor to aid feet movement while dancing. The heel is not well raised in comparison to other shoes, but considering the midsole height, it’s perfect and places the feet correctly.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It may start to smell after some period of use.
  • It’s not compatible with some dress.

Insoles For Runners

7. Linodes Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on For Women and Men’s Dance Shoes

There are only a few ways of stealing the show apart from wearing an amazing, fantastic, and alluring shoe. Getting attention doesn’t come easier than this. Linodes Tent Leather Shoe is another amazing shoe for all salsa dance lovers that will give you the celebrity look you’ve been craving. The upper material is of soft leather and satin, while the lining material is made of textile. These two enable this shoe to provide great comfort and durability. It also features an amazing flat heel, which is lightweight and a sole split design that provides enormous comfort and adequate grip for users. The alluring design of this shoe is worth mentioning coupled with its excellent features, which ensures great comfort, optimum flexibility, and fantastic durability.

This flexibility comes from its split-sole design, while its soft leather offers an added comfortability. Engaging in salsa dance moves with inappropriate shoes could be dangerous. However, with the amazing arch support and insert, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It protects your feet from potential injury while not compromising on style design and comfort. Its flat heel and light weightiness will also make you want to wear it all seasons. If you are a salsa lover, you will want to explore the wonderful features of this footwear. It allows you to perform those incredible salsa dance moves. This Linodes Tent Leather Shoe comes in various colors and heel to toe sizes, offering you wide options to select from. It is undoubtedly one of the best shoes for salsa dance in the market. High quality, yet budget-friendly.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might not be true to its size.

8. Stelle 2″ Character Dance Shoes for Women Big Kid

Achieving balance while swaying effortlessly to the rhythm of the music during a salsa dance is not easy to come by. However, salsa dancers have found this easy and effortless. I bet it must be due to the amazing features of their Stelle Character Shoes. This heeled dance shoe comes in a variety of colors from which you can select a pair to match your outfit. Despite its great style and design, it does not compromise on quality. The shoe does not only come in 2 inches square heel but also comes in either 1.5 inches or 2.5 inches. This gives you the balance and support your ankle needs and allows you to do what you love without the fear of injuring your ankle. It does not matter which pair you choose to settle for as it fits the heel height limits for the best salsa shoes.

Stelle Character Shoe features a soft, breathable lining that allows for adequate inflow and outflow of air. It has an attached adjustable ankle strap with a pin buckle which girds your feet firmly, so you don’t have to worry about your shoe slipping off during a performance. Its upper material is made of genuine imitation leather, which, unlike average leather, does not fade, crack, or become stiff. In fact, they are usually stain-free. All these features make this fantastic product desirable for salsa dancers.

It features a round toe design, which allows flexibility for the feet and takes away the pinching feeling average shoes give. It is also equipped with a super-soft inner sole made of a memory foam cushion. This offers adequate cushioning, preventing blisters from forming on the feet, and offering good arch support.

This super comfortable Stelle Character Shoe serves all events with no need to break-in. It is not just perfect for salsa dance but also ballroom dance, school musical, and theatre play. It also matches with work outfits, casual jeans or skirts. It is indeed one of the best salsa shoes in the market.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might run large after a while.
  • Its toe box might be narrow for a wide foot.
  • It might not be true to its size.

9. YYTing women ballroom dance Shoes

The YYting brand set its difference in their production from other shoes or brands. Apart from its suede sole that absorbs sweat and expresses its beauty, these ballroom shoes are made from high-quality satin with an elastic latex midsole. This midsole emphasizes its simple design and style. The flexibility and lightweight effect of the shoe make it effortlessly comfortable for Salsa dancing.

The Rhinestone buckle exudes unique craft on this exceptional shoes. The toe box and ankle strap size can be adjusted to make it convenient for the dancer, enabling you to effectively maneuver your course. Your feet can have the shoes suited for them by making extra holes to the front or ankle strap. Also, this shoe has a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to slip on and off at will. The heel measures of the YYting women ballroom shoes are from 2.3- 2.5 inches, suiting various social occasions aside dancing.

As you already know, balance is very necessary when dancing. The heel of this amazing product is moderate enough to achieve this stability when dancing. The heel measure also guarantees the safety of your knees during performance or practice. The YYting shoe has premium quality materials that ensure the high durability of the shoe for practice and indoor leisure performances. With different dance techniques like rumba, tango, and swing, those shoe is still one of your best bet.

It is noteworthy that while this shoe has all of these wonderful features, it is likewise pocket friendly. The shoes are the best choice for both professionals and newbies. The authenticity of the shoes greatly appreciates over time due to the precision taken in every step while dancing. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best shoes for Salsa dance.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might be too high for newbies.

10. Women’s Latin Dance Female’s Ballroom salsa shoes

This shoe fits primarily for newbies or beginners that practice to perfection in dance. Being a fashionable Salsa shoe, it comes from satin, which accounts for its durability. It has a heel measure of approximately 2.5 inches with a flared heel for adequate support, putting you in charge and control of your dance steps.

The 6 centimeters heel measure of this Women’s Latin Salsa Shoe makes it very conducive for dancing on stage and even during practice sessions. It features an adjustable buckle at the ankle and foot which gives it room for stability, especially when performing twists and turns.

The crisscross strap at the toes and instep is perfect for quickstep, waltz, and samba. It has a speed buckle that holds the shoe appropriately for lots of ballroom dancing, preventing ut from slipping off your feet and causing an embarrassment. It is a perfectly balanced street shoe size that has superior flexibility, one that all Salsa dancers need for breath-taking performances.

And talking about the insole and outsole of this shoe, they are just incredible products from the finest suede. Its multiple interwoven forefoot straps provide needed support especially for beginners, enabling you to dance professionally and deliver an amazing perdormance. This shoe does not cause blisters nor any form of injury incurred from other average shoes. The fear of straining the feet or sustaining injuries is far away. And the ballroom salsa shoe achieves this with its buckles and strap.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has inaccurate sizing


Using an inappropriate footwear for your Salsa dance session might inflict some injuries on your feet. It could lead to blisters making the whole dance session quite uncomfortable and unenjoyable. There are a number of factors to consider when making an attempt to purchase a Salsa dance shoe. These inclide considering the heel height, flexibility, suede sole, open/closed toe and cost. These, together with the knowledge this guide provides set you on the right path to getting the best shoes for Salsa dance.

Take the time to look into insoles if you have that pair of shoes that are too large to wear comfortably. You can turn these shoes into a mainstay in your regular shoe rotation. Make sure that if you want to try a few different insoles that there is a favorable return policy in the store or on the website you purchase them from.