Best Shoe For Ankle Support: 2021’s Buying Guide

Be it, athletes, or regular individuals who Love sports, we all dread ankle injury. It can keep you out of action for quite a long time; you miss not only your daily routine but also run the risk of losing your target. For professionals, it would mean being sidelined from activities, while for regulars, it might hinder productivity at work and home.

Many shoe manufacturing firms have dedicated time and funds into in-depth research to employ advanced technological designs to meet the needs of various individuals from all works of life. Talk of runners with an ankle injury, individuals with sore feet, backaches, and other related problems. In most cases, this category of people who suffer discomfort relies on proper shoes to either correct the condition over time or help manage it.

One such improvement over the years is the production of ankle support shoes. In the United States alone, over over 20 percent of sports injuries are ankle related. Various shoe brands offer shoes for ankle support, with each claiming to be the best. Many even claim to be creating improved versions that are uniquely suited for users. With this overwhelming choices, let me walk you through the best ten ankle support shoes.

Top 10 The Best Shoe For Ankle Support- Comparison

Rank #1 Image Name New Balance 1080V8 Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #2 Image Name Asics Gel Kayano 25 Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #3 Image Name Propet LifeWalker Strap Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #4 Image Name Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #5 Image Name Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Price Click For Pricetable
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Rank #7 Image Name Vans SK8 Hi-tops trainers Price Click For Pricetable
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Rank #9 Image Name Ryka Tenacity Cross Trainer Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #10 Image Name Dr.Martens classic 1460 leather boot Price Click For Pricetable

The Best Shoe For Ankle Support Review

1. New Balance 1080V8

The insole and outsole are essential features of any excellent ankle support shoes. A suitable insole like the New balance insole allows the foot to sit comfortably, preventing wrong positioning that could stress the ankle. The cushioning effect absorbs shock resulting from walking, running, or any form of exercise. What I have come to realize over time is the fact that individuals pronate in different ways. What do I mean? During movement, the foot rolls inward and spreads the weight of the body across. Overpronation medically identifies as a cause of ankle sprain. For people with overpronation, the arch of the shoe is of proper height to balance the foot—Fantom fit design of the footwear grips the foot firmly to keep the heel and midfoot stable.

It heel Counter protects the heel, adding to the features that help to correct overpronation and comfort the feet. In terms of the outsole, it allows the user to cover long distances without accumulating stress likely to affect not just the ankle but even to cause foot soreness. The outsole utilizes carbon rubber to give sturdiness and shockproof.

It is lace up type, and the lace gives extra grip to ensure firmness. The bottom sole is durable, coupled with traction to ease movement and reduce the burden on the ankle.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive

2. Asics Gel Kayano 25


As expected, Asics would make the list of ankle support shoes; they make sure to produce lightweight footwear. Heavy boots cause strain on the ankle, a primary reason why I recommend the Asics Kayano as other nonheavy shoes. The Gel technology of the shoe supports both the rear and forefoot. It cushions the foot against waves of shock that causes ache to the ankle. The insoles are removable to allow a replacement with the medically prescribed one. The insole comes well-cushioned to support the foot, especially the mid-foot, balancing it with the heel. Kayano has a sturdy outsole of high abrasion rubber to not only make it durable but comfort to the feet and ankle carrying it. The state of the art impact guidance technological design guides the stride or walking pattern to make it appropriate. The upper design has a snug fit to allow the foot to move freely, not being too tight or loose.

Kayano’s flyte foam is a trademark, bounce effect material making the shoe feel comfortable to legs in general and giving the ankle a little work to do. Its traction design ensures the feet move off the ground quickly without unnecessary weight placed on the ankle. The durability of the outer sole lengthens the use for a considerable period.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for rough terrains

3. Propet LifeWalker Strap

Good recommendations give specific added reasons to make a purchase. Propet life comes with both the outer sole and insole design. All areas are satisfactory and comfortable. The insole absorbs shock and prevents the heel from the effect of weight when walking or running. It is of Eva material, a well known and counted on shoemaking material trusted to give cushioning to the foot. Sometimes individual who stands for too long hurt their ankles, especially when the type of shoe they wear has no elevation to push the weight evenly across the feet. Propet tilts the body forward to avoid excess pressure on the rear foot.

The lower sole is of good strength yet lightweight to prevent a strain on the ankle, which might likely cause long-lasting ache. It offers excellent traction to lessen the work of the ankle when lifting and landing, to raise the foot is more comfortable while landing won’t drop the entire weight on the ankle.

The arch supports the foot excellently to place it in a particular position to avoid a wrong twist or bend when in motion. Ankle support is essential; durability and longevity are vital too. The shoe is durable; the cushioning and shock-absorbing capabilities endure over extended use to give everyday comfort.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Narrow strap.
  • It is quite substantial.
  • The collar is too high and causes chafing.

4. Orthofeet Glacier Gorge

I guess the first word of its name says it all, medically certified for diabetic patients. It is lightweight, easy to move with, even run. The cushioning of the insole supports the feet. It comes with anatomical orthotic support to relieve leg, back, ankle and feet ache. It features the ortho-step multilayer, a unique design that pads the heel and forefoot area. It cushions the foot against shock that accompanies when walking or running or any activity that involves the feet striking a surface enough to cause resistance.

It’s inner is spacious to allow the foot to sit comfortably up to the heel to avoid tightness that may give the ankle more work when lifting the body. The cushioning helps the toes lift with ease. Unlike flat shoes that hurt the ankle, the shoe’s elevation gives the heel a platform to rest and sit well positioned. I especially noticed it’s an ergonomic design that allows the stride of the feet to be enhanced and ease movement.

The arch build gives the proper elevation to help the feet stay comfortable despite running or taking a walk. Standing for too long could be a possible cause of ankle ache, however, glacier gorge pads the feet, giving it ample comfort.

The outer sole is of durable rubber to provide it with resistance against wear and tear. It further features extra cushioning to provide support in the insole. It acts as a first shield to absorb shock. It does two significant works; to reduce the stress on the insole and protect the ankle.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Not easily washable

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

The Brooks company learned a trick, and with that produced legendary footwear that consumers just want to have. If you value comfort, it is a shoe that offers excellent cushioning. It uses the guide rail system to keep movement in check. The system differs from conventional designs; it focuses on injury-prone areas of the foot. It couples the Biomogo DNA and DNA-Loft materials to provide a far surpassing cushioning to absorb the waves of shock while running, walking, and pads the foot when standing. The cushioning is not only comfortable; it adds responsiveness to its functions by staying close to the foot as it rises and drops during a walk or run.

Adrenaline GTS 19 comes with new improvement called the modernized fit. It firmly holds the foot with the improved mesh upper design. The mesh is beautifully patterned to appeal to users who seek not just quality but aesthetic value. It is a breathable construction ensuring the flow of air to avoid sweaty foot. A sweaty foot can affect the balance in a shoe, messing with stability. However, it stays dry all-day giving maximum comfort.

The arch support carries the foot smoothly to prevent aches resulting in wrong foot positioning. Brooks adrenaline comes with a durable and traction to enable the bottom sole to provide additional support for the feet. It is a good recommendation for runners in need of ankle support shoes.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sizing problems

6. Danner Kinetic GTX

For high tops lovers, danner kinetic is the way to go. It does not support the ankle alone. It also shields it from external impact. Its leather body is all cushioned from within; the outer part is polishable. The shoe comes with a nylon and rubber blended footbed to support the feet.

The footbed cushioning is profound, especially in the middle, to provide an excellent platform for the foot to rest without bending awkwardly. The ample heel raise absorbs shock to prevent ache, soreness, and to make sure the heel doesn’t stay flat. It is entirely resistant to water with a durable outsole. Slips and falls sometimes result in an ankle twist or sprain.for this reason, the outer sole is slip-resistant to retain a good grip despite the surface in which it walks on. The traction of the sole ensures little energy goes into raising the feet as well as easing the stress of walking long distances.

When it comes to choosing a shoe to purchase, the urge to look beyond just one feature is ever-present. If you want excellent ankle support shoes, which is at the same time, durable and resistant to elements. If you also fancy multiple functions, then you should know the leather upper is a ripstop ballistic nylon material that can withstand any climate.

It is suitable for everyday use and for athletes who regularly train to improve performance.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is heavy
  • It covers a lot above the ankle

7. Vans SK8 Hi-tops trainers

For most skaters who run the risk of ankle twist and sprain, the vans sk8 is always the right choice to shield the feet as they land on different surfaces. For everyday regular wear, the insole cushions the feet to give support. The heel also comes with cushioning to provide comfort to the feet. Ankle support shoes are usually lightweight to avoid putting unnecessary burdens on the ankle as the users walk or run.

Vans products are quite appealing to look at and more so quite durable. The inner compartment gives room for the toes to get a good spread coupled with a cushioned area to support the toes as they propel the body in either while running or walking.

With excellent resistance to wear and tear, the Vans will withstand long term use, and easily carry the weight of the body even with constant usage. To support the ankle from the rear, the collar pads cushion and allow the heel to stay firm. The breathability of vans generally ensures they do not smell after each day’s use. With the durable rubber outsole, the heel is safe and elevated to avoid ankle ache. The arch support also gives extra comfort.

Vans is stylish, very much inexpensive. Nonetheless, being in the market for many decades makes it a trusted brand to buy from. All materials used are top-notch.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Unpadded and light ankle cover
  • Narrow for wide feet

8. Saucony Progrid ST2


The ankles stay entirely protected in the Saucony. Its brilliant build gives the ankle support. In terms of comfort, the molded Eva material does an excellent job of providing comfort with a blend of beyond expectation durability. The midsole is a gem; its flexibility ensures it moves well with the feet when in motion, either running or walking.

The impact zones of the foot, where the body exerts a force which usually might start to develop ache, comes with enough cushioning. Effortlessly it fits the feet, easy to walk with, and suitable for correct pronation. For individuals with neutral pronation, it helps to maintain the right foot movement. The heel to toe height ratio is ideal to avoid the awkward stretch capable of causing not just ankle pain but as well as soreness.

The arch support gives an extra platform to elevate the feet for proper balancing. Every shoe needs to have an elevated point because flat heel shoes are known to cause the ankle to ache.

The pro grid fits the feet like a glove does the hands, this to ensure the feet stay firm and stable despite activities. No shoe is 100% perfect and everlasting. However, good shoes offer a wide range of benefits just look the ProGrid does, and its longevity is impressive.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor leather quality

9. Ryka Tenacity Cross Trainer

A big looking shoe with a lightweight design and good reviews. It is 100% synthetic and highly durable. It comes with a velcro strap to give a snug, secure, and comfortable firm fit. The strap not only provides a firm fit to enable a stable walk or run but ensures the feet stay in the right position when it is inside the shoe.

The footbed cushions the feet at all areas. Its precise return movement makes sure that no ache or soreness occurs due to the wrong landing. A durable rubber outsole with excellent traction supports the feet from beneath. The action flows naturally; it doesn’t over propel the feet or holds it down while in motion. Usually recommended for everyday exercise or fitness session due to its lightweight design.

The heel platform has a slight raise to it; it lifts the heel since a flat heel shoe would cause ankle injury over time. The upper build is of good mesh pattern; it is attractive at the same time well ventilated against moisture and possible bacteria growth. No irritating smell accompanies each day’s use. To add an ankle support sole is easy, the inner compartment is quite spacious. The bottom sole is quite durable and offers long term usage. Despite the terrain and conditions present, it withstands long term use while retaining its quality.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor leather
  • Limited color

10. Dr.Martens classic 1460 leather boot

The Dr martens shoe brand as from time been a notable sturdy material product. The classic is not exclusion; it comes in genuine leather material. The trademark air-cushioned sole uses the air filling technology to stabilize the feet. The bottom sole absorbs shock during movement to ensure comfort. Air has proven to be excellent support as we with vehicle tires. It is likewise in the build of the marten’s classic design.

As a lace an up shoe, it gives additional firmness to the feet, holding it in place to avoid unwanted shift the could cause wrong feet movement at the detriment of the ankle. It is a firm and stable, easing movement. The sides are firm, with the upper leather, the shoe gives a snug fit to add more stability and avoid wrong feet placement.

The outsole is everlasting if you fancy rugged and highly sturdy shoes. The durable rubber material of the outsole will last many years of use.

The collar has good elevation and high side cushioning; the ankles get protection and comfort at the same time. The collar, however, does not cause itch or discomfort whatsoever. Wearing the Dr.Martens classic might allow individuals with ankle sprain walk with ease and no iota of pain.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • A bit heavy
  • Looks to huge


From the vast majority of the shoes considered, it is evident that choosing the best footwear that supports the ankle requires paying attention to details. Some features, such as a suitable outsole, insole, and some other added features such as a solid foot grip, and a removable insole which allows for the use of medical ones, are all critical. So that walking is enhanced, and fewer weight hinges on the feet. Each of the shoes should be chosen based on the ability of the footwear to give the needed support to the ankle. The shoes should have enough cushioning to help keep the feet firm and offer excellent grip.

Looking at the numbers and varieties of footwear available for sale, each user should carefully take the time to read through and see which of the functions and features combined well to give the best experience. Deciding on a shoe to purchase can sometimes be difficult; everyone wants to get the best. The shoes recommended above have been tested by multiple people who have used these products. Some experts have compared the functions of the shoe, the material used, and some systems to ascertain their appropriateness. They take into account the height of a shoe arch, the amount of cushioning in the midsole, the cushioning in the outer sole, and the stability. Shoes able to meet these criteria are endorsed for use.

It is quite noteworthy that when choosing a shoe, a buyer is to look beyond the outward appearance. Compatibility with the need if the user plays a significant role. Also, the quality of the outsole, it’s durability, longevity, and the capacity to be used on different terrain is also quite important.

So when next you are planning a shoe purchase to support your ankle either due to injury or to prevent one, Put these crucial things in mind and make the best decision.