Best Shoe for HIIT – Buying Guide 2021

Exercise is beneficial. For some, it’s a way of life. Yet, many do not get the most out of it. Some blame it on time, others complain of the low intensity of their exercise sessions. About 3 in 10 persons around the world face this problem.

To remedy the situation, HIIT- High-intensity interval training, which is a term that describes a short but intensive workout session, comes as a good recommendation. The bulk of the exercise involves short but enthusiastic moves, talk of fast-paced cycling, quick uphill climbing, sprinting, and a lot more.

HIIT moves the body in all directions to benefit every part of the body. Talk of hand-release Push-ups, plyo-push us, Russian twist, mountain climbers, plank ups, burpees, star jumps, and a couple more. These workout or exercise techniques test shoes to the limit due to their intensity. As beneficial as HIIT is, it can affect the body negatively without the right shoes.

To this end, a good shoe is vital to support the feet for such high-pressure workouts. Innumerable designs of shoes are available, but not all can actively support HIIT. We’ve taken the time and energy to pick the best HIIT shoes in the market. Carefully look through the researched and accurately described shoes below to make an informed decision when looking at making a purchase.

Best Shoe for HIIT – Comparison

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10 Best Shoe for HIIT Reviews

1. Nike Metcon 4

best shoe for HIIT- Nike Metcon 4

The Nike Metcon 4 is an incredible design built to function correctly for short intensive workouts. Talk of weight lighting, sled punches, and sprinting. Breathability is crucial for intense activities, and as such, the shoe comes well ventilated with light mesh design. The mesh covering is not only present at the upper layer but extends to the hill and ankle to provide good in-flow of air to the heel. Its lace-up structure has an increased eyelet more than the previous versions. The extra lace eyelets allow the user to enjoy extra firmness but not too tight.

The forefoot gets a soft platform to reduce the impact of shoelace on the upper feet area. Additionally, Nike employed sticky rubber material to give traction to forefeet, making sure the toes do not shift but stay in position during activities. Vigorous exercises require excellent stability, to ensure the feet get just that, a heel clip balances the feet to prevent sideways shifts likely to distort the positioning of the body.

Stability and cushioning are present in the midsole build. Textured rubber supports the midfoot adequately coupled with a stable base elevated brilliantly to give a right heel to toe drop. The support is strong and flexible to support the natural movement or gait of the user.

Avoid extra weight during exercise; the entire design is lightweight despite the tones of benefits it provides. The outsole is durable, running from the sides to the toe area of the shoe to give excellent traction on all surfaces. The Metcon can be fitted with insoles to provide extra support for individuals with feet conditions who still enjoy intense exercise. And not to be missed is the nylon made 4mm flywire present in the upper to support the body and minimize weight.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s not suitable for long-distance runs.
  • It has low heel.

2. Asics Gel Quantum 180 TR

Asics Gel Quantum 180 TR

Asics great tech-designs suffice in the Quantum gel alongside many improvements to make it one the best HIIT shoes. Fast-paced movements require an excellent propelling force for easy runs. With the trusstic system of the shoe, the entire feet area gets extra push coupled with a lightweight feel. The weight of the footwear wouldn’t reduce the force a user impacts. Using the Solyte system in the midsole, it works better than the combination of the Eva and spEva materials. The new midsole gives excellent cushioning to the feet, padding all areas of the feet and contoured parts.

The rearfoot and forefoot comes with excellent support using the Gel technology. For the forefoot, the toes get extra cushioning to dispel impacts that result as a user runs or engages in activities that make the toes exert pressure. The rear gel- support accentuates waves of shock as the feet land on the ground. The feet get good cushioning to curb the occurrence of soreness and ache. The upper build is an impressive design that features a leather and mesh design. The leather beautifully protects the outer covering of the shoe. For the inflow of air during work out sessions, the mesh lining is well punctuated to take in air.

The outsole of every shoe is crucial to its durability and longevity. Asics Quantum gets a good outsole design made of sturdy rubber to withstand the effect of different surfaces. Underneath is a tread design that offers added traction to allow natural movement on any surfaces to make workout sessions enjoyable and worthwhile. It features a well-padded collar in the rear area to cushion the ankles and the heel’s tip. It prevents blisters and makes it easy to pull off. Additionally, the mesh gets extra underlay to strengthen and avoid quick wearing out.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has a narrow fit.
  • It has an average mesh strength.

3. Adidas Adipure 360.3

Adidas Adipure 360.3

Adidas Adipure is a perfect design for HIIT exercises. Its upper mesh design comes in a structure that supports good feet movement. It features a four-way mesh stretch adaptive build. It allows the feet to move without excess constraints. The pattern of the mesh has pores that take in air to give excellent breathability and curb sweaty feet likely to hinder maximum comfort during workout sessions. The ankles get enough cushioning and firmness to form the well-padded collar, which also functions to prevent irritation or bruise.

The midsole fits the feet’ natural design to give a stable and precise platform that suits every user’s needs. Every runner or individual engaging in regular workout knows the importance of lightweight shoes. Adidas has carefully prepared the shoe to be as lightweight as possible. The midsole, although providing cushioning to the feet, remains light. The frame of the midfoot is modifiable to match any kind of activity and moves during intensive workouts. It works hard to give the feet a natural movement; the Flex-groove technology comes to the fore. This tech-design supports the feet such that the gait of a runner remains unaffected, and the body position is good to avoid pains.

Outsoles are essential in any shoe. When the outsole is firm and supportive, the feet benefit more. Adipure has a brilliant non-marking rubber outsole build that has excellent durability. Added to its longevity is the flexibility that allows fast movement similar to running barefoot. Who doesn’t appreciate a stylish shoe, especially when packed good qualities? Adidas Adipure matches training outfits well.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has a thin insole.
  • It has sizing errors.

4. Nike Air Zoom

Nike Air Zoom

A mere glance at the shoes says it all. It doesn’t come in the conventional shape of regular shoes. Designed especially for individuals who enjoy HIIT, it packs loads of support system to give maximum benefit. Two air units are present at the forefront and towards the heel area. These air units propel the feet during activities that involves jumping or racing up and down an elevated platform. The air unit at the rear foot does an entirely different job of cushioning the heel alongside nested foam to absorb shocks and prevent impact to the feet. High-intensity work out requires this kind of cushioning to prevent the occurrence of feet soreness or aches. Much pressure comes from intensive exercises, and this requires a good spread of pressure to avoid just an area of the feet absorbing it all. The midfoot comes with a plate to give an even spread of the pressure. And balance the feet at the same time. The mesh design allows a good inflow of air to ensure the feet stay dry and steady during exercise. The real gem is the sole split design. The sole parts into two; this structure supports multi-directional movement during work out sessions.

Groove present in the outsole provides flexibility and natural movement. For exercises that impact on the toe area, such as push-up and planking that require adequate cushioning. The toe gets cushioned to prevent aches. The outsole performs well on any surface, be it walls or rough terrain. It’s durable and its durable surface ensures it lasts over a long time.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has narrow fit.
  • It has unsuitable for a long-distance race.

5. Adidas UltraBoost 20

Adidas UltraBoost 20

Comfortability is essential when it comes to a shoe’s firmness. UltraBoost fits perfectly like socks to feet. The lace-up system of the shoe is adjustable to taste and it ensures stability as a user wants it. Running in the shoe is comfortable and, at the same time, offers firmness when running or involved in any activities likely to cause the feet to move around. With the fiber-placement nested within, the feet enjoy stability.

Intense workouts require a lightweight shoe. Especially for HIIT exercise, an individual should be able to achieve accurate positions without drags. The shoe is in no way heavy and very easy to move around with. It’s a perfect shoe for exercise. The midsole comes stable, strong enough to give proper cushioning. Most runners love energy return footwear. Given this, Adidas ensured the energy return technology comes to the shoe to support the feet further. Arch support is necessary to support the feet and curb soreness, aches, or even pain in the back. The heel to toe drop is of proper height to prevent the wrong curvature of feet.

Primeknit+ of the shoe is a trademark textile fabric patterned to stretch to the shape of the feet. The textile runs over the upper, serving as a covering to also allow a good flow of air to avoid sweaty feet.

The outsole is of rubber, a trademark rubber designed to provide extra support and perform well on the ground or wall. It offers excellent traction and a good grip.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has sizing problem.

6. Puma Tazon 6

Puma Tazon 6

For individuals who fancy attractive footwear, Puma Tazon is a beautiful shoe with lovely color combinations. It’s one of the best shoes for HIIT. Unlike most conventional shoe designs, the upper mesh is of top quality leather. It’s perforated to give allowance for airflow.

The midsole features Eva material, known for being of good quality. It cushions the feet, giving it a flexible platform to rest comfortably and prevent the effects of intense exercise. The heel gets excellent soft support with the heel-pod system. This system stabilizes the heel and absorbs shock resulting from impacts. The entire surface has a sock liner overlay to provide extra comfort and a soft base for the feet to rest.

Stability in every shoe is crucial to the condition of the feet and the gait of the body. Puma Tazon comes with a midfoot saddle to ensure good firm-fit and proper balance. AThis also enables the body to have good positioning, which won’t affect the spine curvature and cause back pain. The shank further ensures the stability of the feet, especially around the arch. It’s of TPU material, designed to be healthy and soft to absorb pressure from the feet.

Sturdy outsoles are treasured, especially ones with excellent traction. This shoe features a suitable rubber outsole that is solid and flexible enough for use on any surface for work out or intensive short sprints.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has average arch support.

7. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0

Reebok Crossfit Nano 8

A low cut design with flex-weave technology, which is a trademark method of the upper build. The structure and strength of the upper, coupled with the flexibility, ensure a good fit. The best shoes for HIIT are usually with a reinforced heel to support the feet during powerful exercise. Reebok embedded the new bootie-heel to give support to the heel to curb severe impact to the feet, knee, or back. It serves more like a shield from shock. Cushioning in the midsole pads the feet giving it a steady and yet soft surface. It comes with sock liner which is removable and replaceable with medical orthotics as the user decides.

The flexibility of the shoe is a top-notch build. It aids movement in any direction and quick takeoff time. Using the flex-groove system at the forefeet, the user gets to enjoy comfortable movements without restraint. It makes workouts worthy and beneficial. For added mobility, it comes in a low cut design, far from the ankles but of suitable height to the feet firmly. Ample space in the toe area allows the spread of the toes to allow for good grip, especially during weight lifting sessions. For additional stability, the arch support positions the feet and provides the body with the right and natural, especially during fast sprints and weight lifting.

Traction in a shoe facilitates proper movement on any surface. The outsole comes in durable rubber to give durability, and alongside that, it offers excellent traction on different terrains. It functions on walls as well and for activities that warrant the toes supporting the body; Such as push-ups and planking.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has average heel steadiness.
  • It has poor upper toe area protection.

8. Invo-8 335

Invo-8 335

A common problem Invo worked on in this design is sizing. Numerous sports shoes have a common issue with either too large or small fit. With the introduction of this new design, the shoe fits alongside proper guide size. More than 80% of users have no problem with sizing. As needed for weight lifting, cycling, sprinting, and other HIIT activities, the shoe comes with firm grips in the outsole. So, on gym floors, it offers steadiness as it gives traction on any other surface. It’s durable and strong with the use of rubber in the outsole.

Stability is crucial to every individual engaging in work out or sports. Invo-8 comes with a rare outsole design at the heel. The power-truss tech-build bonded with the heel-cage structure gives immense stability that supports the feet despite weight or pressure. It provides total stability laterally and a stable platform for the feet. Further stability comes from above; using the velcro-strap. The strap comes just after the shoelace axis to give stability to the upper part of the feet as the lace holds the midfoot in place.

Due to the use of meta-flex technology, the toe gets an extra push and comfort as the feet transits from one workout pattern to another. It gives the toes room to spread appropriately and solid grip the floor. The midsole is of the well-padded platform to give cushioning to the feet. The feet get a soft, balanced surface to rest when pressured due to the extra weight of the body during weight lifts or fast-paced running on elevated terrains. It’s a lightweight design and a padded collar for ankle support to prevent blisters or bruise to the rear of the ankle, particularly.

Invo-8 has an impressive overall design with excellent durability which has been put to test by many users.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has average durability of the velcro strap.

9. New balance Zante

New balance Zante

New balance zante is a smart design, both aesthetically and in terms of functions. It packs loads of technological systems to aid users during intense exercise sessions. It’s one of the shoes for HIIT available. For the midfoot, the support system is a webbing type designed to hold the feet in place and prevent slips from the original position during activities. It provides firmness from the sides, coupled with the use of shoelace. The shoelace runs high to give an extra fit to feet and underneath lays a soft pad that curbs pain or pressure from the lace.

Good midsoles are essential for the health of the feet. Due to the use of fresh foam midsole, the feet get adequate cushioning to shield the feet from shocks and impacts. Notably, workout is beneficial to the health, yet it can result in feet soreness without the right shoes. The toes get ample space to spread and support the body during exercise, to achieve this, the toe box comes with enough space.

Rubber outsoles are vital to the durability of any shoe. It’s lightweight and easy to use. The omnidirectional- tread features in the outsole to give good grip and allow movement in any direction without hindrance. For exercise, the shoe supports all forms of exercise and moves quickly on gym floors. It has proper traction to maintain a good grip despite the terrain of the location. The Review of the zante shows just how easily you can forget a shoe is on your feet. The design is lightweight with an attractive breathable upper. The upper build ensures the feet get a good flow of air and remains dry all day.

Rockport Loafer is lightweight and has a shock-absorbing EVA footbed that helps to minimize foot fatigue. You can also check the YouTube review of this shoe.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has average lateral support.

10. Brooks Adrenaline Gts 20

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 20

For attractive shoe lovers, this shoe is the right choice. Its design features beautiful mesh patterns giving it a smart and lovely look. Of course, what to look for in a shoe goes beyond beauty. That is why the upper build comes in 3D print to give optimal firmness and snug fit without adding extra weight.

The DNA-loft midsole cushions the feet. It creates a soft foamlike platform for the feet to stay. Such that the impacts of a shock to the foot gets dispeled. So for intense work sessions, the feet don’t ache or suffer soreness. This shoe has extra shoe insole to give further cushioning and plush feel. Ensure natural gait while sprinting with the use of guide-rail system that positions the feet correctly to provide stability and correct pronation of the feet. Talking of pronation , the wrong pronation of the feet can affect the arch causing soreness. BioMoGo DNA overlays the entire length of the shoe ensures full cushioning.

With 12mm heel height, the elevation is just right to support the heel without causing imbalance to the arch and forefeet. The heel comes with a crash pad system equipped to support the feet using the loft foam present in the midsole. It makes the shoe ideal for work out, making it one of the best shoes for HIIT. The padded collar secures the ankle and gives extra firm fit to secure the feet.

It’s essential for the toes also to get cushioned since much weight shifts there during work out. To this end, the toes get an extra pad. It spreads to the tongue of the shoe to support during push-ups.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It has average stability over prolonged use.


HIIT is becoming a norm nowadays, with plenty of individuals around the world subscribing to numerous channels and blogs to get the latest update on how to benefit maximally. As new exercise techniques come to lime-light, old ones become more intensive. These improvements require good shoes capable of withstanding pressure generated during intense workout sessions. When it comes to choosing the best shoes for HIIT, what to consider is beyond attractiveness. Although this is not to say the aesthetic quality is not essential but instead of focusing primarily on that, other factors require consideration such as comfortable fit, cushioned midsole, firmness, and adequate outsole traction.

The best shoes for HIIT come with well-cushioned insoles to prevent shock to the feet and reduce impacts that are likely to result in pains and aches. Soreness in the feet, plantar fasciitis, and bunions can occur when the feet suffer excess shock. But for shoes designed with excellent cushioning, the feet get proper protection.

And added to that, firmness is also very crucial to enjoying and getting the best out of HIIT exercises. When a shoe is firm, vigorous moves won’t shift the feet off the arch or displace the toe.

The outsoles should provide excellent traction and grip. These are necessary for good performance on different surfaces, such as gym floors, walls, or any terrain. Then the overall shoe weight should remain light to avoid adding an extra burden to the user. So, use the above guide of the tested and reviewed shoes to make a decision when choosing the best shoes for HIIT.