The Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers: 2021’s Buying Guide

The ordinary person doesn’t understand what a delivery driver goes through on a daily basis. The quickness to deliver a pack when you are delivering 100’s per week can save hours. The right fit of a shoe is also essential as jumping out of a delivery truck time after time can result in joint issues. That doesn’t even incorporate the climate issues that some delivery drivers have to face daily.

A delivery driver might be in the rain in the summer in Florida or could be delivering packages in the dead of winter in Minnesota. The understanding of the conditions you will be working in is going to make a huge difference. You are not going to want to wear a heavy boot in the middle of summer where temperatures hit triple digits. The landscape that you have to go on also makes a huge difference.

Ice can be a nightmare, but this terrible dream multiplies when a delivery driver has to go up a steep driveway. Not only can this be difficult to drive through, but walking up an icy hill with a hefty package is a recipe for disaster. The last thing that you want to do is to take a fall and hurt yourself, so you are unable to work. The world of delivery is only expanding with eCommerce giants trying to make sure their customers receive products in the shortest time required. So working on different weather or places or with any orthotic issue can be a challenge if the driver is not using the best shoes for delivery driver.

Top 10 Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers- Comparison

Rank #1 Image Timberland PRO Men’s Soft-Toe Boot Name Timberland PRO Men’s Soft-Toe Boot Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #2 Image Wolverine Men’s Marauder Name Wolverine Men’s Marauder Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #3 Image ECCO Men’s Track II High GORE-TEX Waterproof Hiking Boot Name ECCO Men’s Track II High GORE-TEX Waterproof Hiking Boot Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #4 Image KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boot Name KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boot Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #5 Image WOLVERINE Women’s Floodhand 6″ Soft Toe Boot Name WOLVERINE Women’s Floodhand 6″ Soft Toe Boot Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #6 Image Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker Name Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #7 Image Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Shoe Name Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Shoe Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #8 Image Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6″ Steel Safety Toe Name Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6″ Steel Safety Toe Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #9 Image Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Moc Work Boots Name Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Moc Work Boots Price Click For Pricetable
Rank #10 Image Rockport Men’s Northfield Name Rockport Men’s Northfield Price Click For Pricetable

Best Shoes for Delivery Drivers Reviews

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Soft-Toe Boot

Timberland is considered one of the top boot brands throughout the country with a variety of people in different jobs utilizing them. The warmth of these shoes makes them great for a delivery driver that might be in an extremely cold climate. Long hours are a staple of delivery drivers as you know so comfort over this time cannot be stressed enough. Your legs can fatigue at a much higher rate with a boot of any kind that is too small or too big which will also result in other issues.

This boot is great and covers areas that many boots simply lack in today’s market. Delivery drivers put their feet through quite a lot and this boot will protect the feet while providing comfort. The aspect of the boot being relatively light is due to its being soft-toed. Steel-toed boots can be much heavier leading to fatigue after a long day of deliveries and driving.

There is a chance that you deliver mail by foot as this can require miles of walking which this boot will be perfect for. The elements will not impact performance due to being waterproof which is essential in rainy climates or those with annual snowfall. Timberland boots are great looking which makes them desirable for a night out on the town or waking up early to hit your delivery route.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • For some customers, durability is a concern especially when it comes to the sole.
  • Sizing can be tough to figure out online if you have never worn boots before.
  • These boots tend to run small just in case you are considering purchasing them.

2. Wolverine Men’s Marauder

You might need to be carrying quite a heavy package over some not so friendly landscape. The Wolverine Men’s Marauder Boots can help level the playing field and reduce slippage. Traction cannot be understated when walking on ice or slick surfaces. No delivery driver wants to go out for the day only to return with an injury that prohibits them from walking.

Wet tile or concrete floors can be traversed in these boots which should provide peace of mind. The warmth makes these perfect for colder climates and the comfort will last for even the longest of days. A numb feeling is a staple of many boots but not this specific model. The last thing anyone wants is a numb foot that is responsible for stopping at an instant when a pedestrian darts out into the stress.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • Durability can be a concern for some that wear the boots.
  • Not great for battling different elements and leaks can occur.

3. ECCO Men’s Track II High GORE-TEX Waterproof Hiking Boot

ECCO has been around since 1963 and has factories in both Europe and Asia. Unlike other companies, they pride themselves on producing all of the leather that they use. This step is to ensure quality while reducing its footprint as a company on the environment. The ECCO freedom fit helps with comfort and increasing circulation to the foot which is not seen in very many pairs of boots.

A delivery driver is going to have quite a few hobbies with hiking being a possibility. Going for hikes weekly can help you build endurance that will surely be needed during the longest of routes. The ECCO Men’s Track II High GORE-TEX Hiking Boot can be used in a professional and personal capacity. Hiking boots often are great for delivery drivers as a driver might never know the terrain that they will encounter.

The sole reduces bacterial which will reduce the bad smell that is usually associated with hiking and work boots. The moisture inside of the sure will be absorbed so sweaty feet can be a problem of the past. The ECCO shoes are designed with the environment in mind so the investment is one in an ecofriendly company.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • These boots tend to fade with time on account of the conditions they encounter.
  • Might not be in a lot of buyer’s price range.

4. KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boot

KEEN has delivered with its Utility Detroit Mid Steel Toe Boot when it comes to delivery drivers. Plenty of drivers understand that in the dead of summer that your feet sweating is just a reality you deal with annually. This boot is great for snow and provides decent warmth for those colder winter months. In addition to being able to handle snow, these boots are great for traction on even the most slippery of surfaces.

Your legs are going to hurt after long days where you have had to do some extra deliveries due to a rush or another driver calling out. These boots can help reduce fatigue while allowing you to avoid that rolled ankle. A hurt ankle can make it impossible for a delivery driver to work or can make it a disaster if they try to tough it out. Other boots could take weeks to break in due to its material but these are a comfortable option from the start.

The boots are designed for hiking which is something delivery drivers have to do up steep driveways. The durability of the boots due to their design and materials is incredible, to say the least.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Rain can be an issue so reserve these for snow days instead.
  • Lacing pieces can break making it impossible to tighten effectively.

5. WOLVERINE Women’s Floodhand 6″ Soft Toe Boot

Great boots are available for women as well as both genders work immensely hard in the delivery industry. Hard toe boots can be too heavy for a delivery driver that needs to get in and out of their vehicle numerous times a day. The Floodhand aspect makes it obvious that these are great for any type of weather regardless if it is rain or snow. For those with ankle or knee issues due to constant activity, these could be the answer to your problems.

The aspect that keeps the boots waterproof is made of full-grain leather which also impacts the overall durability of the boots. All delivery drivers have been in a situation where they walked into a puddle only to ruin their boots and socks for the rest of the day. With a tight schedule, this might not allow for a stop at home or the store for a new pair of socks. There is a removable rubber midsole along with a full-cushioned bed for the foot which provides ultimate comfort.

Wolverine boots have been around since the 1800s with a focus on using the best materials available for their products. These boots are made for working and the company has done years of research to provide the best boots on the market. The company holds various patents as its focus on the working person’s boots is nearly unparalleled.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The laces can be a bit short which can lead to them being tough to tie.
  • Sizing can be difficult so make sure you are getting a wide or narrow as it will be specified.

6. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0 Sneaker

Women might spend hours looking for the right heels for a special occasion. Working shoes should be given the same amount of thought as they will be used far more than most heels. Going for something that does not lack in style or comfort is usually the top priority of the buyer. The versatility of the shoe allows for you to deliver or even run which is an added bonus.

Most delivery people have encountered a pet that has escaped that was less than friendly. Being able to get back to the vehicle could not be more important in these situations. The lightweight appeal of these makes them a great option for those people that might be in warmer temperatures. The shoes look great as well and can come in a variety of colors to match your uniform.

The padded tongue allows for great support and comfort. The lacing system is top of the line and will help truly support your feet.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Comparable shoes are far more affordable with similar materials used.
  • These shoes are not for those that have wide feet as they come a bit narrow.

7. Skechers for Work Women’s Gozard Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers has made its name in footwear for a variety of reasons. These are usually very affordable shoes and they make shoes/boots for everyone. The quality of the products is nearly unrivaled when compared to the price of many of their shoe models. They design everything from boots to shoes with years of research behind each design.

Waking up with sore feet shouldn’t happen after a long day at work. Sore feet are fine after a night out with friends in heels but you should not have to suffer daily. The ability to combine a stylish look with comfort is something that many shoe brands conveniently forget. Walking all day in the Gozard Slip Resistant Shoe will help reduce this foot pain and also look into insoles as these can work wonders.

The shoe is made with mesh for those people that have to walk outside in the middle of summer. Skechers claims that you will not feel soreness in your feet after 12 hours although your legs could be a different story!

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There are no laces so finding the right size can be difficult.
  • Tough to run without laces as the comfortable fit might be too loose.

8. Timberland PRO Direct Attach 6″ Steel Safety Toe

Timberland appears on the list yet again due to this steel safety toed boot. Unloading a truck can lead to dropping items which can be devastating if you break your foot. The steel safety toe is there to ensure that regardless of how clumsy you might be, you will be protected. The insulation in the boots allows them to be worn in any temperature which deliver drivers encounter nearly all.

The boots are made of leather which makes it quite durable regardless of the conditions they face. There is a padded collar that allows for comfort as the protection does not impact your stride or movement. The boots are oil-resistant although this is not a huge bonus for delivery drivers. The fact that they are resistant can make it far easier to clean.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sizing can be an issue so trying these on in-store is recommended.
  • Depending on usage and how much walking is done, durability can be tested.

9. Golden Fox Men’s Premium Leather Soft Toe Moc Work Boots

Golden Fox 6-inch Moc Toe has been worn for generations of both hunters and farmers. These have the appearance of moccasins which provide style whether you are working your route or relaxing with friends. Construction workers have used them and now due to their lightweight nature, delivery drivers have started investing in them. The boots are designed with comfort in mind for those people that will be walking or active during their working day.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The boots run large at times which might lead to an insole being required.
  • Although stylish, the boots can be a bit expensive for what they deliver.

10. Rockport Men’s Northfield

Rockport Men’s Northfield has great style and a clean look that any delivery driver can be proud of. The waterproof aspect of this shoe cannot be understated as it has a Hydro-Shield system. The ability to go out during days where the sun is shining then a downpour occurs makes this a great option. The comfort of the shoe is not lacking either as it has a padded collar.

The lacing system allows the shoe to support the foot healthily and comfortably. For those that walk a lot on their delivery routes, the shoe absorbs quite a bit of shock. Keeping your feet cool is important as well which the shoe also delivers on!

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • There is a lack of options for color.
  • Can be a bit of a boring look for those looking for flair.
  • Sizing is a bit strange so trying them on at a store is recommended.


The world of delivery is exploding with everything from products being delivered to food and alcohol! The gig economy and delivery industry is going to stay extremely strong for years to come. One injury from the wrong shoes could derail your career and stop your climb up the corporate delivery ladder. Finding the best shoes for delivery drivers is going to be imperative for both the climate and other elements. A delivery driver from Florida is going to need far different shoes than one in Utah.

Comfort is going to be the priority along with ankle, and hip support as nobody wants a Ring camera catching them falling in such a way that it goes viral. The ability to deliver your number of packages in the required time will take speed. Companies are starting to be much harder on delivery drivers as customer experience continues to be a priority in today’s business world. Something as small as comfort combined with a grip can make the day and feet of a delivery driver feel good at the end of the day.

The budget is a huge difference-maker as it can restrict the number of shoes that you have to choose from. Shipping can play a significant role in the cost as some of these boots or shoes can be heavier as durability is a concern. Purchasing these online can allow you to get the best price but going into a physical store to try them on is essential. Certain brands have different sizing due to the moulds they make for the shoes as you do not want a shoe too large or too small.