Best Shoes For Roofing in 2021 – Reviews & Comparison

If you haven’t been on a roof before, nor seen someone fall off a roof, you might really doubt the need to wear appropriate roofing shoes. Whether you are on top of your roof doing some minor renovations or your job type requires you to be on a roof always, you will need appropriate shoes to guarantee your safety. These are not the same as our regular everyday shoes, as the tread design doesn’t give you the required contact on a roof. Putting in mind that the surfaces of roofs are of different materials ranging from concrete to clay, metal, asphalt, and wood, some surfaces are more slippery than the others. Therefore, various designs of shoes will also be appropriate for each of them. This is why when you ask a contractor the type of shoes he wears for roofing, each of them gives you different answers based on their personal needs and the kind of roof they will be working.

Some of the factors you have to consider when choosing a roofing shoe include; upper construction of the shoe, proper arch support, the shoe sole, your safety, comfort, insulation, weight, and lastly, durability. Having carefully considered and reviewed the different features you will need in a roofing shoe, these features that will guarantee you optimum safety and security. So next time you are going to do any work on your roof, kindly make sure to use appropriate footwear.

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10 Best Shoes For Roofing Reviews

1. Thorogood American Heritage

Top Best-Shoes-For-Roofing

The Thorogood shoes are made out of the highest quality materials with the latest and advanced technology, to provide you with optimum comfort and safety on the roof. This shoe has a non-slip sole and a safety toe that protects you on all construction sites. Most times, shoes available for roofing are ordinarily not fashionable enough for off-work use. But the Thorogood shoes broke the deadlock with this fantastic shoe that can serve you both off-duty and at construction sites. It is durable, and it is comfortable.

Whether you are on a wet, muddy, grassy, or slick surface, the outsole of this shoe comes in a sludgy design that fixes your leg to the roof, enhancing the friction between your leg and the roof surface. You can be sure you won’t slip off especially on sloppy surfaces and great heights. Furthermore, the insole has a memory foam foot which can be removed and replaced anytime you need your own custom orthotics. The upper comes in five different colors should you need a particular look for your boot. This boot stays for a longer period on your feet with the help of its Goodyear storm welt construction leather. This is not just ordinary leather you see in normal shoes. This leather is in fact waterproof. So while walking on a rainy day, your shoe won’t have to be one of your worries. The kind of quality this shoe offer is quite rare. Therefore it is somehow expensive. It is expensive, but it is worth it. If you can afford it, I advise you to give it consideration, because it is one of the best shoes for roofing duties.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is quite expensive

2. Cougar Paws Men’s Estimated Roofing Boot


This is one of the best roofing shoes you can find in the market. This is a shoe made from lightweight leather with nylon upper. They are particularly a good option for walking on sloped roofs as they feature Peak Line Replacement Pads on the sole. This Peak lining offers optimum performance on different surfaces including plywood, wood shakes, and slate. The upper of this shoe is made from Nylon which reduces its weight and at the same time makes it adequately breathable. Walking on sloped roofs is not a problem as long as you have your Cougar paws boots on. It uses its Peak line Replacement Pads for this purpose. The leather is water-resistant and breathable making it a comfortable choice even in very hot weather.

On steeply pitched roofs, Cougar Paws shoes offer great comfort with its cushioned interior lining. In addition to that, this shoe is lightweight and very flexible making it a good choice for your roofing. It should also be noted that the Peak Line Replacement Pas can be replaced anytime necessary, just as the name implies.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might not be true to its size

3. Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Roofing Boots


This comes with quality water-resistant leather. The rubber leather outsole is equally heat resistant, acting as a barrier between your leg and the hot tar you are walking. Is it not incredible that its thick rubber sole meets electrical hazard safety standards? The body of the shoe is snug and secure with its six-inch laces fed through brass eyelets. The opening at the top of the boot measures 13.5 inches. The shaft measures 5.5 inches from the arch of the foot to the top, and the heel is 1.5 inches. The boot insole is polyurethane and if you need to take it out for any reason, it is easily removable.

If you are buying this shoe online, you might want to consider buying a size that is a little bit larger than you would typically by. This is so because this boot tends to run smaller than other boots, and there are no steel toes to protect from injury.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It tends to run small
  • No steel stones

4. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe


It is just as you are thinking. Their name stands for mother of all boots and you can trust this shoe for your next roofing work. It is undoubtedly one of the best shoes for roofing you can find out there. The outsole of this shoe is made of high-quality rubber that is durable and grippy in all conditions, no matter the incline. It offers comfort even on the longest of workdays with its arch and heel support zones together with its contoured footed made out of FIT.ECO + blended EVA. The breathable upper mesh of this shoe makes it a perfect choice for both summer and winter. You will get a wonderful performance for your specialty if you choose this shoe because it affords you the option of a low, mid, or high roofer.

This shoe helps you to move comfortably on all surfaces irrespective of the temperature level. It also grips your feet such that whichever surface you are walking on, whether it’s a flat roof with lots of loose gravel or a slope, you will never lose your grip on the surface. Its flexibility allows you to move without restrictions and do anything you want to do. This shoe offers high performance on long hikes with its upper which is made of leather suede and mesh. The mesh allows adequate circulation of air, making it comfortable even in very hot weather. When walking, an air cushion in the heel area absorbs shock, while a nylon shank in the sole offers stability.

This shoe is expensive, and of course, it should be for its quality. It’s an excellent choice for those who need durable, flexible, reliable, and breathable shoes. So, if your work is in winter, you might want to select the mid or high version. This shoe does not have much padding on the insoles though, and the arch supports might be too high for anyone with flat feet to put on.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The Insoles don’t have much padding for comfort.
  • Arch support might be too high for a flat foot.
  • Few eyelets.
  • Stiff & Heavy

5. Red Wing Heritage Men’s Moc


If you are making a list of the best shoes for roofing and Red Wings is not part, then there must be a problem with the list. I so much admire this brand for its consistency in providing very quality roofing shoes over the years. This company makes several boots of high quality, but one particular boot stands out. It is the Redwing. It is built to last long. It is durable and most importantly, it keeps your toes and feet safe from injury whenever a heavy or sharp object drops on your feet. This is particularly an interesting feature because you are exposed to this risk every now and then at your construction sites.

The boots give you the needed support while on top of the roof. You feel stable wearing them. So, don’t worry, you are never going to slide off the roof. You will agree with me that most shoes leave their mark on the roof while working, but not this one! The Red Wing does not damage the roof at all. In fact, this shoe can be used off work too. It is very comfortable to the feet and as well flexible with the help of its vulcanized rubber outsole. This shoe provides optimum air circulation to your feet and can withstand quite a beating. What this means is that the sole of the shoe or boot as it were, will not detach from it, nor will it have holes on the roof.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It tends to run small
  • It is expensive

6. Georgia Arctic Toe Waterproof Insulated


Sometimes you just have to remove the snowpack on your roof. In such cold conditions, you will need a boot that can keep cold off-limits. Well, Georgia Arctic will be a pleasant choice. It provides necessary traction so you don’t fall off the roof. It is also well insulated, in other to keep your feet warm. I will be very sad if you believe those who think this shoe is only good for roofing. That is absolutely untrue. It is so cute that it can also be worn off duty! There isn’t any situation you can’t call on the shoes, most especially in the rainy and cold season, these shoes are just pretty awesome. Well, all thanks to its 100% waterproof leather that doesn’t let in water, and the thin insulated insole that keeps the leg warm even when it’s freezing outside.

This shoe is expensive, and it is worth it. It’s not one of those shoes you buy and start complaining in a couple of months. Those shoes that complain about long usage. No, Georgia Arctic is different. They make use of the Goodyear welt construction in their shoes. So might want to try this shoe out, you won’t regret it.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Steel shank insole renders them less flexible.
  • It is heavy

7. Timberland Pro Men’s


This is a 100% leather boot with a quality rubber sole. It features anti-fatigue technology to keep your feet strong every day, manufactured specially for those who desire a durable, anti-slip boot on all surfaces, even wet ones. It provides plenty of support and stability with its 5″ height while its soft toe makes sure not to reduce mobility in the sole.

This shoe, as well as every other shoe from Timberland, are made of eco-friendly materials. The outsole is made of Goodyear welt construction. It is shock-absorbing, energy-returning EVA for cushioning, and controls odor by anti-microbial treatment. It has a Dual Density Anti-Fatigue technology that at key pressure points, return energy to the feet, and maximize breathability plus moisture control. This outsole was specially made provided for professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet.

The shoes provide an overall level of safety even if your work is not on the roof. Their rubber sole also protects you from electrical hazards you might be exposed to if you decide to use this boot in other workplaces. It is non-slip, and oil resistant. In fact, they meet the ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11and ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard standards. This means you can work around electrical appliances without any fear. This boot is somewhat expensive, but of course, it’s worth it. Out of the best shoes for roofing available in the market, the quality the Timberland shoes afford you is second to none. It fits right into your leg, and you can use it anywhere. If you are looking for a roofing boot that can afford you safety and durability, Timberland roofing boot might be a good choice to consider.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy.
  • It tends to run narrow.

8. Ever Boot Protector


While many other shoes out there are expensive, this is one roofing shoe that will afford you your desired qualities and yet inexpensive. She works well in wet an oil surfaces with its very grippy sole while the rubber is non-marking. Therefore, you can use them on delicate roofs without any fear it might damage the rood or leave an impression on it.

The upper consists of full-grain leather, attached to the sole with Seal-Direct Construction technology. It is water-resistant, keeping all liquids from entering the boot but allowing for generated heat to escape. The mesh is well insulated to keep you dry and warm in cold weather. It is made of a rubber sole with excellent traction properties, creating flex points on your feet and thus enhancing better movement. They are good shock absorbers with the durable polyurethane midsoles which keep you very comfortable even if you have long duration works.

As I said, this shoe is affordable, durable, provides excellent support, well insulating, and waterproof. It is definitely a good choice even on slope roofs. You will love using them.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It might lack heel support.
  • Might run larger than other boots.
  • Eyelets come off easily
  • It is not breathable

9. Wolverine Waterproof Work Boot


This is one of the best roofing shoes available in the market. It is 100% leather with premium textile excellent materials which made then a good buy. The shoe has a rubber sole with an excellent grip. It also has a shaft that measures about 5″ from arch making sure to provide ankle support so that you don’t twist your ankle. This shoe ensures lighter-weight and proper fitness with its carbon max toe-cap. Unlike uncomfortable shoes that pinch on various parts, the Wolverine waterproof shoe is well-cushioned, offering comfort and best performance.

This shoe is also perfect for roofing because it is able to bend and flex at essential points for maximum performance. It does this with its motion max technology and contours. It is waterproof, yet breathable. This makes sure your feet are dry, healthy, and receiving adequate oxygen supply in any work condition.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Sole might not last long.

10. Carhartt Industrial Boot


This shoe is made from durable leather, featuring a rubber sole. It has an ankle-high shaft to ensure ankle protection. It also features an electrical shield, an advanced foot-bed, and a storm defender. The Insite engineered foot-bed contains 120,000 3D foot scans to provide an unmatched fit, form, and desired comfort. This shoe also offers a 30% additional grip with its Ax Suede top cover material, helping to prevent foot slip and fatigue. Also, improving with fatigue and increasing comfort are the two different layers of foam it comes with, which offers unique compression as well as rebound abilities.

One of the best features of this shoe is its waterproof and breathable capacity. It can keep your feet cool and dry at all weather conditions, maintaining adequate air-flow and circulation. Also worth mentioning is the protection this shoe offers against an electrical circuit of 18,000 volts or less under dry condition. This shoe also meets the ASTM 2413-11 EH criteria, which is excellent.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It takes time to break-in.


Creating a safe working environment doesn’t come more comfortable than this. Making the right choice of roofing shoes can make a world of difference. If you have been thinking of how to get on your roof and trash out the snowpack, or how to get on with that high-income job without sacrificing any of your limbs, kindly take your time to assess your needs. When you realize your needs and the features that are essential to you, you can always come here and make the right choice from this premium list.