Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking- Reviews & Comparison In 2021

For those who appreciate aerobic exercises, treadmill walking or running is one invaluable exercise that can provide us with desired results. One of the many reasons that make treadmill walking so desirable is the fact that it’s an indoor exercise. This simply means that you can perform this exercise in the comfort of your home. Another advantage of treadmill walking is that it provides a gentle touch on your feet. Treadmill machines have special shock absorption feature that makes walking more enjoyable than on hard surface roads. However, despite the comfort this machine affords its users, one still needs to choose appropriate shoes when planning to exercise for a long duration on the machine.

The best shoes for treadmill walking might pose a major challenge if you do not know the kind of support needed for the soft tissues of your feet. Therefore, I have taken my time to review for you, the best shoes available for treadmill walking. These athletic shoes will give you extra grip and traction while you run on a treadmill. This is particularly important since it is an exercise performed on a special rubber belt that is moving towards your direction and will not stop unless you press some special buttons. That means that the shoes you decide to wear when you are working out on a treadmill should be durable enough to give you extra long-distance boost and can also react instantly to a change in the speed and direction of the treadmill. The shoes should also provide your feet with adequate cushion and support to enhance better stride on the machine.

Here is a list of the best shoes for treadmill walking. Carefully take a look and choose the one that serves your needs.

Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking – Comparison

Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking Reviews

1. Addidas Men’s CF Lite Race Running Shoe

Hardly will you come across a household without an Adidas product. We know them to be a very reputable company. One of their most popular shoes is the Lite racer shoe, which gains its popularity from its strength and great feel. It is an awesome running shoe for the treadmill, and it comes in various colours and designs. The insole has an anti-microbial layer that keeps microbes off your feet. This shoe has a breathable Light-weight upper mesh, which allows for proper ventilation of your feet.

The Lite racer shoe has a durable midsole that is well supportive enough to keep your feet healthy and fresh while you walk or run on the treadmill. It is so comfortable that anytime you put them on, they give you a sense of inner joy, beauty, and self-confidence. This shoe has a foam shock liner, which prevents chaffing or blistering of your skin. It cushions and offers protective lining of your feet. It can be worn during both indoor and outdoor treadmill walking and will provide you with the best experience ever. It has a rubber outsole that guarantees an extra grip on the surface of the treadmill, hence makes you feel secure without any fear of a trip or fall. This it does whether the surface is wet or dry, and yet, this shoe does not wear out. The sole is long-lasting, even in high impact areas. You can also check the YouTube review of this awesome shoe.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The wide might be too narrow
  • Sizing tends to run small over-time

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace-Up Walking Shoe

This is an athletic pair of shoes that comes from a well-renowned manufacturer like Sketchers. I list it among the best shoes for treadmill walking since it possesses all the benefits you are looking for.

If you are the type that likes attention, then this shoe is a perfect choice for you. It presents with a joyous appearance with wonderful imprints and colours on the surface. The insole is soft and quite supportive of the heel and foot arch. This helps to redistribute the pressure from the treadmill equally to the foot. The Sketchers shoe has bigger lugs, which helps you to attain a better grip even on a slippery treadmill surface, thus enhancing your safety. This show possesses 100% mesh fabric with a synthetic sole. It is light-weight and offers proper cushioning of your feet. The outsole also has special rubber allow, which guarantees durability and afford it to stay intact matter how harsh the weather condition turns out.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May get wider over time
  • Size may vary to you

3. New Balance Men 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

This is one of the few shoes out there that acknowledges the comfort and impact of running. Apart from providing proper support on the treadmill, this shoe is also impressive in climbing tough inclined surfaces, with a full foam insole. New Balance shoe has a snug fit and breathable material, keeping your feet dry, and providing support for long-distance treadmill walk. It offers flexible support while running on any surface, especially a treadmill. It is important that while on a treadmill, you walk as naturally as possible. In other to do this, there must be proper support for the arches of your feet.

The outer sole is stretchable, and the shoe as a whole is light-weight, hugging your foot tightly. You can remove the sole for cleaning whenever you desire, and return after cleaning. It offers longevity of your sneakers and provides you with comfort and more cushion, thereby making your dreams come true. It comes with very light feathers, which will help you to enhance the connection between your leg and the shoe. The New Balance shoe has a rounded heel, which gives you a high breathable body. Anytime you run with this shoe on a treadmill, you will feel like you wear a shock.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It feels heavy

4. Addidas Original Women’s Swift W Running Shoe

This shoe comes in a design that offers optimum comfort in various training sessions on the treadmill. It is supportive to the foot curves and heel areas of your foot since these areas receive a lot of pressure from the moving treadmill. Hence it takes the pressures off the balls of your feet. It has a stretch knit upper, which is like a sweatshirt for your feet. A fantastic cushion to make you feel comfy all day.

The Adidas swift shoe, with the help of its outer textile layer, repels water and keeps both the shoe and your leg dry. The outsole is flexible enough to give room, extra room actually for the forefoot areas. It is durable and provides increased mobility to the toes. It comes in a distinctive foam midsole that can effortlessly assume the shape of the feet and optimize the comfort levels of the user when walking. It has a synthetic sole and a shaft measure of approximately 6-12 inches from the arch.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is quite expensive
  • It is not available in multiple colours

5. Asics Women’s Gel- Venture 5 Running Shoe

This is an excellent shoe that presents you with the option of walking on a treadmill for more extended periods. The shoes offer functional toe space that will afford you natural stretch and fanning-out of your toes. It has a toe box that gives you room to flex your toes while you work out. It also offers optimum cushion to keep your feet comfortable. It presents with a right ankle and arch support to sustain your feet in good shape while you walk on a treadmill. All of these, plus it’s comfy nature, made me add it to this fantastic list.

This shoe comes in various colours, thus giving you the option to choose from varieties as your needs demand. Another interesting feature of the ASICS women shoe is its ease of wear. You can easily put them on and off at will.

However, one issue I noticed about this shoe is that it doesn’t provide enough support for a slippery surface. Since it does not provide enough traction, you might want to make sure that the treadmill you want to use is not slippery before getting on it. Aside from this slip support issues, the ASICS Women’s Running Shoe is a fine option for treadmill walking. So I will advise that when on a treadmill, you walk with this shoe and not run with it.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The left foot may be uncomfortable
  • Inadequate support on slippery surfaces
  • Might lose its comfy in few months

6. Ryka Women’s Sport Walker 6 Walking Shoe

RYKA specializes solely in making women’s shoes. RYKA Women’s Shoe comes in a design that helps ladies work-out on treadmills. It is light-weight and very colourful, matching all outfit apparel. The inside offers extra cushion to make you feel very comfortable while you exercise in it. It has contours on the footbed and also the arch areas, thus providing amazing arch support to your ankle. It keeps your heel, ankles, knees, and hips in proper alignment.

One feature that stands out in this shoe is its breathable mesh. This allows for the inflow of fresh air into your feet. This will help in keeping the shoe dry hence preventing it from smelling bad. However, this shoe does not keep your feet warm. Therefore, you might need a thick sock in winter. It should also be noted that unlike other versions of the RYKA form, the Women’s Sport Walker 6 Walking Shoe does not have a memory form. This omission has nothing to do with the performance of the shoe; it only affects its durability. The shoe might soon begin to lose its comfy nature due to a lack of memory form.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Absence of memory form
  • The shoes might not be true to its size
  • Sometimes feel too tight in the upper areas especially with swollen feet

7. Nike Men’s Tanjung Sneakers

Nike is a well-known brand. They have exceptional quality and innovative technology that affords you a huge level of comfort. The Tanjung sneakers have a breathable upper mesh, which allows for an ideal circulation of air, thus keeping your feet dry, odour-free, and healthy. This is a fanciful shoe with almost 100% foam giving you much light-weight. In addition to its upper foam sole, this shoe also has a foam midsole as well as the outside sole. Another noteworthy feature of this shoe is its very low weight textile upper, which gives you superior breathability than in most other shoes.

The Nike Tanjung sneaker comes with an anti-slip sole to ensure your safety on a treadmill, making sure that you never fall while walking on it. What about its microfiber field? This makes individual comfort and confirms your reservation. I know of a couple of friends who do not like to walk the treadmill with a shoe. Perhaps you were like that too. Well, I’m happy to tell you that the great design of this shoe gives you the option to simulate comfort and stylish zone.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Narrow fit
  • The sizing tends to run small.

8. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoe

The Saucony is one of the most reliable companies around the globe, producing training shoes at its very best. This company takes into consideration the needs of your feet and thus provides a relief package. This shoe is a combination of textile and synthetic materials, and it affords it’s user extra freedom because it is very light-weight. They have a removable insole, which enhances your hygiene during work-outs.

You can effortlessly attach their sockliner to any external orthotics device. It has an EVA insole that provides adequate support to heel movement while the outsole, as always, is very durable. The upper mesh and tongue are working together with the lacing system to maintain the consistency of the ankle and heel area when walking on a treadmill. This mesh also helps to maintain proper circulation of air to and from shoes in other to keep your feet dry and healthy all the time.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is expensive
  • The upper is more secured than the inner .

9. Brooks Men’s Ghost 11 Running Shoe

This shoe is good for walking and running on a treadmill. It provides excellent support to the ankle through its medium and high arch supports. It features a crash pad with segments to ensure you enjoy smooth strides will you walk on the treadmill. It makes it possible for you to increase your pace at intervals without hurting your foot. This Brooks ghost shoe integrates the DNA loft and BioMoGo DNA cushioning options to afford you a soft and balanced cushion to your feet. The shoes feel light and comfy. It is worth mentioning that even with these excellent cushions, the durability and responsiveness of this shoe were not compromised.

Another amazing feature of this shoe is that it wraps around your foot like it’s customized for you. It fits so well, as the upper mesh feels great against your skin. It is flexible and also stretches, adding more comfort to your feet. You don’t need to force your leg into them as long as you request the right size. There is the availability of several colour options with great designs. It comes with a toe box that presents an amazing room for the support of your toes. If you need a shoe that affords maximum arch support, offers adequate cushion without neglecting durability, the Brooks ghost shoe might be a nice option for you.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Might be difficult finding the right size
  • The sole tends to wear off

10. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Walking on a treadmill can’t be more enjoyable than with the Brooks MG 10. It comes with many incredible features that offer you a comfortable and enjoyable treadmill ride. This shoe is very popular in the market because it is just so easy to wear, and the appearance draws attention. I noticed that its special design makes it light-weight, and whether you hit it on the treadmill to walk or run, your feet will feel very comfortable and happy. But not only does this shoe offer comfort for its users, but it also provides extra cushion and arch support. So if you need am extra arch support, this shoe puts your arch in the perfect position. No pain and no discomfort.

Some of us who are used to hitting the ground hard while walking can benefit from the unique feature of this shoe- that is, its full-length crash pad. This crash pad will help you to better align your feet so that you dont suffer unnecessary pain. It also makes the treadmill walk very enjoyable. It is very flexible and breathable too, allowing for proper ventilation of your feet. This affords free entry of air into the shoes to keep your feet dry, healthy and without any odour upon removal.

What We Like:

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Width might be wider


Walking on a treadmill can be fun if you make use of the proper footwear. When working out, the goal is to build your body, stay physically active, and enjoy the session, sometimes with your family members. When choosing a shoe for treadmill walk, look for a pair that is durable, flexible, and provide good arch support. The design should also give room for adequate ventilation and cushion while it remains fashionable. The weight is also an important factor to put into consideration because ultra-light shoes will not offer you an adequate cushion. Even though you do not want to select a shoe that will add extra weight to your foot, thereby making walking on the treadmill more strenuous, you should know that the more cushion a shoe is, the more weight it carries. To avoid blisters or any form of discomfort, make sure to understand what your needs are. Select the appropriate shoe that satisfies your needs. Then, you will be able to safely walk on the treadmill without any fear of falling, even when the machine appears to be slippery.

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