Best Shoes Like Toms

There are many reasons to want Toms’s shoes. The brand itself is worth a purchase. However, as with most well-known brands, Toms footwears can be realy expensive, which easily trigger second thoughts when your budget is not so kind.

Nevertheless, there is a way you can get your wish without having to pay as much. Toms lookalike!

We have created a Review of the Top 10 shoes that look exactly like Toms shoes you can get. These shoes come with great quality, are budget-friendly, and super comfy.

Reviews Of The Top 10 Shoes That Look Like Toms

Here are the top 10 shoes that like Toms

1. Fereshte Women’s Men’s Casual Espadrilles Shoes

Fereshte Women's Men's Casual Espadrilles Shoes

Tom shoes are known for their quality and comfort, and so are Fereshte women men casual loafers. Every Toms shoe lover would love what these flat affordable shoes bring to the table.

This shoe, in summary, gives users comfort and easy walking.

The upper of this shoe is made with premium quality knitted thread reinforced with leather to make it long-lasting. Its design makes it mild on the feet, while its curve allows the feet fresh air to prevent sweat and odor.

The shoe comes with a flax insole that provides the feet with soothing comfort all day long. The insole design makes the shoe a nice choice for low-impact activities and long wear without leaving the feet sore. It also massages the feet when walking, ensuring zero strain after daily work.

The midsole is made of lightweight Rubber that does not add any extra load to strides. It is firmly attached to the knitted upper to ensure durability.

This canvas’s outsole comes with linings that give a good grip on wet, sliding, and slippery surfaces, making it safe when worn.

The Fereshte canvas is a nice choice for Toms lovers who may be looking for a nice casual footwear for a get-together, family and friends meetups, work, and strolling. It is suited for both men and women, which is a welcome advantage for interested buyers.

This canvas is cool for summer or winter and is quite durable. However, it has some little hitches, like it not be shock absorbent due to its flat midsole, and it is really not a great option for people who love shoes with arch support. It is also not suited for high-impact activities.


  • Lightweight and comfy
  • Nice shoe for casual wear
  • Premium quality knitted upper
  • Anti-slip and Anti-skid rubber outsole


  • No arch support
  • It is not shock absorbent
  • Not a great choice for High impact activities

2. Dunes Women’s Sport Sneaker

Dunes Women's Sport Sneaker

Dunes sport women Sneakers is one of the best shoes like Toms that you could go for. The upper of this shoe is made with high-quality fabric that is comfy and mild.

The insole comes with very thick memory foam paddings making it very durable. The insole keeps the feet massaged all through the time this shoe is worn. It is suitable for wearing all day long and does not leave the feet sore or injured.

The midsole is made with high-quality flexible Rubber that is shock absorbing and easy for walking. The outsole comes with thick linings that make the shoe slip and skid resistant.

This shoe is great for casual events and some formal events. It can be worn as a strolling shoe and can handle medium impact activities like long walks. It is, however, not suitable for high-impact activities like running and best not worn every day if it is expected to last for a while.


  • Comfy fabric upper
  • Memory foam insole
  • Antislip and Antiskid resistant
  • It is a pleasant fit for several activities


  • Not the most durable

3. Camel Crown Men’s Lightweight Sneakers

Camel Crown Men's Lightweight Sneakers

This Camel Crown Lightweight sneaker for men is a lovely choice for men who love to go out with something casual, attractive, and comfy.

This shoe is made with a very attractive smooth upper that makes it super comfy for the feet. it is breathable and great for comfy feet. Its curve makes it very easy to slip on and slip off without having to worry about laces.

The insole comes with a well-padded memory foam cushion that is very comfortable and soothing for the foot. It also massages the feet during movements which makes it suitable for long wear. It is great for medium-impact activities and does not cause sore feet.

The midsole of this shoe is made with Rubber that provides reinforced protection from uneven footing. It is bouncy and aids quick strides.

The outsole is also made with Rubber and comes with a lot of thick linings that make it safe on slippery floors and wet surfaces.

This shoe is beautiful and can be styled with clothes, ranging from casuals to designers. It is a nice fit for meeting dates, visiting friends, and traveling. It is also lightweight and soft.

This shoe is a great fit and is seemingly perfect in every area. However, it is not exactly water resistant with the dye wearing off.


  • Very attractive
  • Great for different events
  • It comes with a padded memory foam insole
  • It is lightweight
  • Antislip and Anti-skid outsole


  • The Dye wears off

4. Roxy Women’s Slip On Shoe

Roxy Women's Slip On Shoe

The Roxy women shoe is one of the best shoes like Toms women wear for different occasions and activities without their feet feeling terrible.

This shoe upper is made with high-quality breathable Terry cloth material that makes it sweat and odor-resistant. It is also very comfy for the top of the foot due to its soft and mild material.

The insole comes with soft memory foam paddings that keep the bottom of the foot fresh all day. It is also suited for long hours and does not leave the feet sore. It is suited for daily use and medium use without the memory foam getting compressed.

It comes with a synthetic midsole that is shock absorbent and bouncy. The outsole comes with thick linings that make it safe for slippery, wet, and sliding surfaces.

This shoe is nice for casual and formal events. It is also a good fit for school runs, errands, and traveling. It is attractive, stylish and comes in different colors

This shoe is not so great for heavy impact activities. The memory foam also starts to get compressed with time.


  • Memory foam insole
  • A nice choice for different occasions
  • Synthetic midsole and Anti-slip outsole
  • Very attractive and comes in different colors


  • Not suited for heavy impact activities
  • Memory foam thins out overtime

5. Casmag Men’s Canvas Slip On Loafers

Casmag Men's Canvas Slip On Loafers

The CASMAG men’s cloth Canvas is one of the best casual shoes to wear when going for comfort. The shoe comes with a canvas upper that is durable and soft on the feet. It is also designed to make for easy slip-on and slip-off.

It comes with a soft cushioned insole that makes it suited for long hours without leaving the feet sore. The midsole is made with lightweight Rubber that can withstand medium impact activities.

The outsole comes with many linings that make the shoe safe for walking on slippery or wet floors.

This shoe is a nice choice for indoor use. It is also okay for outdoor use like getting the mail, casual meetups, strolling, and other medium impact activities. It comes in different colors that give users the option of selecting.
The only downside with this shoe is it not been very durable.


  • Canvas upper
  • Rubber midsole that is shock absorbent
  • Antislip and Anti-skid outsole
  • Nice for several occasions and activities


  • It is not very Durable

6. Alexis Leroy Women’s Stripe Canvas

Alexis Leroy Women's Stripe Canvas

Alexis Leroy stripe Espadrilles for women is a welcome input for shoes that look like Toms. This shoe is affordable, durable, and made with quality materials.

This shoe comes with a breathable quality mesh upper that provides super comfort for the feet. It does not lead to sweaty feet due to its breathable quality and is odor-free

The midsole comes with a soft footbed that is comfy, soothing, and suited for long hours. It has a massage feature that makes the shoe wearable all day without leading to limp or sore feet.

The midsole is rope-soled and very light, which makes it a great wear for people who work or engage in high-impact activities. The outsole is made of pure Rubber and, when combined with the midsole, makes the shoe shock absorbent. It also has a ground-gripping lining which makes it safe for wet and slippery floors.

This shoe is great for casual activities like friends and relatives get together, running errands, meeting a date, strolling, and school runs. It is also great for work and offices.

This shoe is a nice option for Toms lovers. However, it is not the most attractive, and it can be a challenge to get a real fit. Apart from these little itches, this shoe is a pleasant recommendation for Toms lovers.


  • Sweat and odor resistant
  • Comfy insole
  • Anti-slip and Anti-skid features
  • Great for several events


  • Some user may not find it very attractive

7. Bobs Women’s Slip-On Flat Shoe

Bobs Women's Slip-On Flat Shoe

A first look at these Bob shoes, and a buyer could easily write them off as not durable. However, these shoes are actually great and one of the best shoes like Toms out in the market currently. Bobs have been known for great quality footwear, and this lacy footwear is no different.

The upper of this shoe is made with high-quality reinforced lacy-like polyester material that is very durable. The upper comes with two upsides, an attractive design, and a breathable opening. It does not cause sweaty feet, making it odor-free. It is also almost weightless, contributing to the lightweight feature of the shoe. It is very elastic, which makes it very easy to slip on.

The insole comes with a full padded cushioned memory foam that makes it very comfortable and mild on the feet. The memory foam also makes it well suited for long hours’ usage and can be worn for high-impact activities. It provides a massage sensation when walking.

The midsole is made with a high-quality rubber that is shock absorbent and great for walking in rough patches without feeling rocks under your feet. The outsole comes with rubber traction that makes it safe for walking on sliding, wet and tiled floors.

This shoe is a nice fit for women who loves to party and turn up for events. It is also great for work, running errands, casual meetups, and traveling. It is very attractive and a trendsetter. It also comes in different colors, which gives users the choice of colors

This shoe is made with premium quality material and is long-lasting. However, it has a few issues with its lace design. Also, it is a bit stiff and quite irritating on the skin. Kids may find it itchy and uncomfortable.


  • Breathable upper with odor-free features
  • Comes with a padded memory foam insole
  • Anti-slip and anti-skid outsole
  • Great for all occasions and events
  • Attractive and stylish


  • Upper can be irritating and uncomfortable

8. Airwalk Women’s Dream Slip-On

Airwalk Women's Dream Slip-On

If the Bob slip-on shoes are too uncomfortable to wear, then this Airwalk dream slip-on makes up in that area. While it is similar to Bob’s, it is not the same make.

This upper is made of fabric with a protective cloth that protects the lacy-like design from scratching the top of the foot. It is comfortable and keeps the foot soothed all through the time it is worn.

The insole is made with a fabric cushion footbed suited for extended use without leaving the feet sore. It is mild and gives the bottom of the feet massage the foot when walking.

The sole is made of fabric and has a nice lining that gives the shoe a firm grip on wet, slippery, and skidding floors. The shoe is lightweight and allows for easy walking.

This shoe is attractive and a nice fit for different occasions and activities like running errands, strolling, school runs, and several casual activities.

This shoe is pleasant in terms of its attractiveness, and it hands the issue of making the feet uncomfortable. However, it is not very durable, and the fabric sole makes it not so great in water due to its fabric sole.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfy fabric upper
  • Antislip and Antiskid sole
  • Attractive and suited for different occasions


  • It is not very durable
  • It is not suited for water or wet surface

9. Emma Shoes Loafers Sneaker

Emma Shoes Loafers Sneaker

Emma Shoes loafer sneaker is a nice pick for women who want style, beauty, and comfort. The upper is made with premium quality canvas material that is very durable and mild on the feet.

The insole comes with memory foam paddings that make the shoe very comfortable when worn. It can be worn for long hours without causing a limp, blisters, or injury.

The midsole of this shoe is made with premium quality rubber that s both flexible and lightweight. It is quite bouncy, making walking easy due to its thickness. It is also shock absorbent and protects the feet from unexpected sensations resulting from wrong footings.

The outsole comes with thick linings that make it suited for wet and slippery surfaces.
This shoe comes with a round-toe front to ensure that the toe is protected, which is rare in this list. It is also very attractive and can be worn for different kinds of events. It comes in several colors giving buyers a choice to select their preferred option.

Without a doubt, this shoe is one of the best shoes like toms. However, it has some tiny holes on the top, which has been a cause of grief for many buyers as it was a surprise not spotted in the shoe pictures.


  • Rounded toe feature
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing midsole
  • Antislip and Anti-skid outsole
  • Durable Canvass upper
  • Nice for every occasion


  • It comes with holes not captured in pictures

10. Vans Unisex Slip On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker

Vans Unisex Slip On Rainbow Chex Skate Shoe Sneaker

Vans unisex multicolor shoe sneaker is a pleasant choice when going for shoes like Toms. Despite its fancy look, this shoe is surprisingly durable and is one of the shoes like Toms with majorly positive reviews from buyers.

This shoe upper comes with multi rainbow color and a padded collar that provides the top of the foot with soothing comfort. The insole comes with a cushion that protects the foot from its rough midsole though it does not offer as much comfort as most shoes in this list.

The midsole is made with high-quality Rubber that gives a puffed feel to users and helps give a bouncy feel when walking. It is shock absorbent and protects the feet from suffering the unpleasant sensation that follows a wrong footing. It is also lightweight, which makes it sho suited for long use. Though white, the midsole is very easy to clean, so there is not a lot to worry about in that aspect.

The outsole comes with the signature linings synonymous with Vans footwear to ensure a firm grip on wet, slippery, and sliding floors.

This Vans sneaker is pretty much what users who want shoes like Toms would want to get. It is very beautiful and stylish, making it well suited for parties, casual wear, school runs, errands, walking the dog, and visiting a friend. They are also Unisex which means anybody can get them, whether adults or kids. Its rubber sole also makes it suited for any weather.

While this Van shoe is almost flawless, it has the issue of comfort. It is not very comfortable at the front and can cause blisters on the toes when not worn with socks. However, this problem is not a general occurrence, and as the feet get used, it naturally gets handled


  • Very attractive
  • Great for multiple occasions
  • Padded upper
  • Shock-absorbing, lightweight, and bouncy midsole
  • Anti-slip and anti-skid outsole
  • Very durable


  • Can cause blisters at the toes


Getting any of these shoes will give you great value for your money. These shoes are comfortable, durable and are the best shoes like Toms in the market currently.